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To my one reader

I am sorry I have neglected you. You had the courtesy to sign on for the life-changing advice that I might espouse, the hearty camaraderie shared life experiences would offer, the funny self deprecating humor you would undoubtedly forward to your question asking relatives (who would ponder relentlessly..."so how do you like staying at home?"). Instead you receive silence. Of course now you would assume that in the next few sentences I will apologize for my absence again and vow to post twice per week, at least. The truth is, I generally write everything interesting at bakerquest. And sometimes I assume that you or lurkers may know this and read there. But that should not be the process. I doubt I will ever get to posting twice per week here, maybe twice per month is a better goal. Wait, there can't be any lurkers, I locked the blog to only subscribers, I think.

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It is official

I am now the president of North Huntingdon Moms Club. If you haven't joined a club like this, I would suggest you do. Some of the benefits include:

Peer discussion about similar interests
Storks for new moms (they cook you food and bring it to your house the first week of your newborn's life)
Good excuse to get out of the house.

May's Birthday

In honor of My baby's 1st birthday and the acceptance of our first and only member, I shall mark this day with a post. It has only been two months since I posted here, and although I post weekly on bakerquest It's not fair to this community if I neglect it.

Like I said, we celebrated May's birthday this week with two other kids from the Moms club we belong to. It was fun and much easier than going to two parties and hosting one of our own.

The real parenting issue arises out of my son's relationship with an older sibling of the girl that shares a birthday with my May. J is 3 (my son) and A is 4 (the sibling). A likes to tell everyone what to do; which would be fine for my eager to please son, but A is never pleased. No matter what J does, A let's him know immediately that she is unhappy with the results. This sends J into a spiral of cries which ends up on the ground. And A is totally pleased with herself. Sometimes it gets to the point that J is so frustrated he will actually lash out physically and hit or push A. Which of course we need to stay consistent on but it kills me to have to punish me son for sticking up for himself, no matter how much I dislike violence.

The Park

Jeffrey is three and Baby May is now 10 months old. She does well in the Kelty Frame Pack we bought for Jeffrey when he was this age. Similarly she does not make a peep when she is in it. Even when I am bounding after J with the new kite I bought him yesterday.

It's all Target's fault. They have that $1 aisle as you immediately enter the store. And Jeffrey saw the kite, "Just like Little Bill's."

"How can you say no to a dollar?" Said the Marketing Genius at Target.

So the next day we were out flying a kite. There wasn't much wind, and we got it stuck in a tree. I finally dislodged it, but the thrill was gone for J. He had moved on to the park equipment. A few days later the wind was better..well stronger. It took the kite and whipped it around and finally one of the nylon seems broke and the kite lost all structural integrity. I will probably fix it some other day...But the wind was just so fantastic I couldn't resist. I went to a kite store and bought him a modest $14 kite. This one was constructed much better. It was larger. It was Purple (J's fave color), and it took all of three seconds to put the cross member in and tie the knot. J didn't have to run, I just let go and the kite was in the air.

We had it out about 150ft...the full length of the string provided. It got caught in a tree. But the wind was so strong it lifted it out again. But the string was still attached. So now the tree was flying J's kite and all he could do was give it more string or let is get closer to the tree. After about ten minutes of the kite twirling around and smashing into the branches, I broke the string which let the kite break free from the tree. The string flung through the branches and the kite landed about 200 yds. away over a hill.

We finally made it there. Hiking 200 yards with a 3 year old is hard work...not to mention the 10 month old on your back...who was playing with my hair...or lack of hair.

So we recovered the kite. Move to a less treed area, and J had a good 30 minutes of uninterrupted kite flying while it danced, looped, shuddered and pulled. Finally, it spiraled to the ground and J decided to go play on the equipment.

Mary Lynn squealed when I put her in the swing.

Here goes.

I haven't found a community on LJ that focuses on Stay at Home Dads. Considering we constitute about 3% of the population in America, I find this astounding.

We will talk more, but for now...diaper, potty, music class.


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