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May's Birthday

In honor of My baby's 1st birthday and the acceptance of our first and only member, I shall mark this day with a post. It has only been two months since I posted here, and although I post weekly on bakerquest It's not fair to this community if I neglect it.

Like I said, we celebrated May's birthday this week with two other kids from the Moms club we belong to. It was fun and much easier than going to two parties and hosting one of our own.

The real parenting issue arises out of my son's relationship with an older sibling of the girl that shares a birthday with my May. J is 3 (my son) and A is 4 (the sibling). A likes to tell everyone what to do; which would be fine for my eager to please son, but A is never pleased. No matter what J does, A let's him know immediately that she is unhappy with the results. This sends J into a spiral of cries which ends up on the ground. And A is totally pleased with herself. Sometimes it gets to the point that J is so frustrated he will actually lash out physically and hit or push A. Which of course we need to stay consistent on but it kills me to have to punish me son for sticking up for himself, no matter how much I dislike violence.


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